Hi, all!



Brain Dump

About me


This is Delta's home page, currently under construction.

I hope to be able to maintain this page. The idea is to create an old-school blog/brain dump, a little window from which people can see. Hopefully my brain will let me.


As you can see on the tags, I might post (personal) content related to, among other things...

I mostly tend to post feelings on my tumblr page but I believe it will be better to have them here, without them being interrupted by random posts.

Fun fact! I am leaving tumblr, so that's going to be out in a minute (once the backup finishes downloading. I have been there for more than 11 years so it is taking a fair while). So expect more updates to this site, I suppose! I was thinking of adding a chat box or similar but not sure how. I will keep you posted (hehe).

This is another test, do not mind me.