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Hi, all!

I'm Delta. I am a 29 y/o queer guy and use he/they pronouns.

I have started this page with the intention of putting my thoughts somewhere, with the added plus of practicing HTML a bit. I really like the feel of the old blogs and forums (or, at least, of the nostalgia-tinted images I have in my mind still), but I still need to get the hang of this.

Socializing is a bit hard, even in an online environment, so I thought I would just put my voice out there. Most of the posts here will be journal-like, possibly infodumps on whatever I am obsessed with at the moment, maybe some art. I do not know yet.

I am slightly reluctant to put any contact info in here, but I think one could contact me via the general neocities archive. In any case, thank you for checking this place out.
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