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Here I will collect rambles about the things I am interested in at the moment.
I might make another page for more in-depth comments.


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    We (my friends and I) have a book club. Yes, we are like little old ladies –except we are not little, we are not old (yet) and we are not (all) ladies.

    We have started relatively recently due to the need to look away from screens and scream about things that are no longer relevant to people outside of certain circles. You know, life. Some of the books we have read up to this point are

    As you might have gathered, we are a bit eclectic. We are still deciding on our third book, but Pride and Predjudice seems to be up in the running. You know, just to get back to some classics. Not that the difference between high literature and low literature is at all relevant (fight me).

    Other than that, on my own, I am currently reading A thousand plateaus by Deleuze, and Amateur by Thomas Page McBee. And endlessly rereading the Discworld series, but that is just how my brain works.



    Strike the earth!

    (Dwarf fortress)
    I will endlessly die and that is ok. I really need to redo my blueprints for the fortress, because they keep collapsing. Currently learning how to efficiently minecart. So much fun.

    Escape the underworld!

    Thanatos and Hypnos are the best, I will die on this hill. We stan the sleepy and shy lads. Only one achievement left. Damn you, pierced butterfly.

    Be a little critter!

    (Hollow knight)
    Any complaint I might have about this game is due to a skill issue on my part. Chef's kiss.

    Meow a lot!

    (I have recently been playing Stray, though my PC does not like it at all)
    ( o.o )


    Huge bucket list, 0 energy. What are you gonna do.

    Some of it is in the Pending tab.


    Among others, I have been watching:

    Yeah, I know I am stereotypical, but what do you want from me.


    If you have any recommendations, feel free to shoot me a message and I might watch it and review it.



    Audiovisual content